When it comes to your business fire protection needs, you need an expert to help navigate the state codes and regulations. There is no room for error with fire and life safety. Our highly trained, licensed fire alarm and life-safety systems team will design, install, monitor, service, test and inspect the technologies you need to protect your employees, customers and assets.

​Whether you own a small shop or manage a giant warehouse facility, we can design a system that fits your needs.

​Alarm Testing, Service, and Inspection.

We offer comprehensive on-site test and inspection services, as well as remote electronic daily testing to make sure our commercial fire alarms systems are in full working order.

​Contact RRST today to discuss your organization’s fire alarm system needs, or for a custom project quote.


Protect Your Team & Assets

​Physical security is critical for your employees, customers and daily operations.  Using advanced, integrated technologies we design, install and monitor a personalized commercial burglar alarm system for companies of all sizes. Let us help your company.

​We offer monitoring for your business 24/7.

Contact RRST today to discuss your organization’s security needs, or for a custom project quote.


Access Control Systems

We can make it easy to let the right people into your building and keep the wrong ones out. Our access control systems are designed to fit your business needs for performance, flexibility, and cost. We offer a range of access control systems, from one-door systems that use proximity cards, to the multi locations with hundreds of doors.

​More than Opening Doors

​Advanced access control systems help track employee, visitor and equipment movements in and out of your premises and restricted areas within your facility. They can automate employee time & attendance reporting and integrate with video systems to help document movements. 

​We offer Web- Based Access Control Solutions

Since they require no PC or hard drive, web based access control systems are extremely flexible and can dramatically grow with your company. Security administrators can manage their access control system from anywhere with Internet access.

​Administrative Assistance.

​Running a business is hard work. Let us take some of the stress off of you by taking over the administrative work or your access control system, such as changing user permissions, adding users, adjusting schedules.

​Open/Close Reports.

We can run reports that will inform you what time your employees are coming and going, and who’s accessing specific areas at specific times.

​Contact RRST today to discuss your organization’s access control system needs, or for a custom project quote.


Computer networks are at the heart of business – connecting computers and data centers, to each other, to the Internet and private intranets, and to a variety of other peripherals and hardware. 

​Whether you’re updating an existing system, expanding your business, moving or remodeling, you can trust RRST for all your data communications cabling design and installation needs. We can meet your specifications on any size project, including voice and data cabling service for multi-floor and multi-site installations.

​We take great pride not only in giving our customers working systems, but ensuring a network cabling installation that is both neat and clean. You can always count on us to deliver the best installers, affordable installation, and unparalleled support.

​Contact RRST today to discuss your organization’s communication network cabling needs, or for a custom project quote.


IP Camera Systems

It’s easier than ever to keep an eye on your business. We offer advanced video surveillance technology that can be integrated with your existing IT network.

Networked surveillance systems are now critical for most businesses and institutions. Our technical team will work with your existing infrastructure to install a networked video solution, for  streaming and recording, so you can see what’s going on at your facility in real time.

​Integrated Video Surveillance.

A security system is most powerful when all of its components work together. Integrated video monitoring will trigger cameras to record motion-triggered events, such as a door opening.

​Remote monitoring.

You can’t be at your business 24/7, but our video monitoring service can help you keep an eye on your company from anywhere. Watch live video feed from your phone or computer from anywhere with Internet access.

​Whether you are upgrading or replacing an existing system or considering a new install, RRST can consult with your business to discuss the pros and cons of analog vs. IP digital monitoring (storage, bandwidth, cost, etc.), and provide a complete security camera solution based on your specific needs from hardware purchase to installation and setup.

​Contact RRST today to discuss your organization’s video surveillance needs, or for a custom project quote.


RRST specializes in audio systems and equipment installation for commercial clients, helping ensure that systems deliver the proper acoustics and sound for the spaces they serve. RRST works with industry leading audio equipment manufacturers, and provides end-to-end project management, including equipment procurement, installation and testing of all types of audio systems.

​RRST can install a custom audio system based on your specific presentation needs. No project is too big or too small. We can transform any space, as well as provide scalable solutions to fit a wide degree of budgets and needs. 

​Visual communication can be a powerful way to engage your audience and promote your message. RRST can help your organization identify the best video display technologies for your needs, and provide complete design and installation by our team.

​Screen and Projection Systems

RRST can transform your corporate boardroom, school auditorium, or any other room into a state-of-the-art presentation showcase.  We can install permanent large format movie screens, retractable ceiling drop screens, wall mounted displays and more!

​Contact RRST today to discuss your organization’s Audio Visual needs, or for a custom project quote.


Tell your story and make an impact with a digital multi-monitor video wall display. RRST can help you make the most of large format HD LED, LCD or plasma displays, available in a variety of sizes and resolutions to create a unique and engaging video experience. Permanently installed and portable video walls can be managed remotely, deliver dynamic content, and provide touch screen functionality with some devices.


Your business security and fire alarm systems must be able to send an emergency signal under any circumstance. We integrate backup power supplies and multiple communication channels, including a mix of traditional, cellular, and other IP-based networks, personalized for each business situation.

​Cellular backup communication is our most popular option for dual path monitoring. Blackouts do not affect cell towers, so your alarm system won’t lose signal to our Central Station.

​Our monitoring services maximize your commercial security/fire alarm system’s value and give your business the protection it needs. Most insurance companies offer policy discounts for monitored security systems. Trust RRST to provide professional security & alarm system monitoring, and contact us today to discuss your organization’s monitoring needs, or for a custom project quote.



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